About Yemi

Meet Yemi, the Fashionista and Stylist Behind GLAMORE

Yemi Solomon has carved out a distinguished path for herself in the highly competitive and diverse world of fashion, leveraging her expertise as a Fashion Stylist and Beauty Expert.

With an instinctive sense of style and a keen eye for fashion trends, Yemi has established herself as a prominent Fashionista, creating and advocating stylish fashion while closely tracking the evolving landscape of style.

Building upon her foundation as a Certified Image Consultant, Yemi has cultivated a multifaceted career that includes owning and operating GLAMORE, an online fashion entity renowned for its unique designer fashions, jewelry, and accessories.

Following her graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications and Advertising, Yemi's passion for style led her to curate exceptional looks that garnered attention and inquiries from admirers.

Inspired by her own flair for fashion and guided by her mentor's influence, Yemi launched GLAMORE in 2009, initially based in Virginia before relocating to Dallas, Texas in 2010. Since then, GLAMORE has evolved into a premier destination offering apparel, accessories, and statement jewelry pieces fit for high-fashion events and runway showcases.

Each item curated by GLAMORE tells its own story, whether exuding elegance, sophistication, or casual charm, ensuring that every wearer makes an unforgettable impression.

To broaden GLAMORE's reach, Yemi has showcased her collections at prestigious fashion shows in the Dallas market and forged connections with prominent organizations for business professionals. Her dedication and contributions to the fashion industry were recognized in 2018 when she received the "Business of the Month" Award from the Epsilon Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated.

Further elevating GLAMORE's profile, Yemi seized extraordinary marketing opportunities, including participation in the 70th Emmy Award celebrity gifting lounge in Los Angeles, CA, organized by Wow Creations. This led to subsequent invitations to participate in the Oscars celebrity gifting lounge and future events.

Today, Yemi extends her expertise through fashion styling consultations, style workshops, virtual women empowerment events under Boss Babes, event styling services, and educational initiatives under the GLAM brand.

An active member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Yemi proudly maintains her role as the spouse of a USA Military Veteran.

Yemi, through her company GLAMORE, actively engages with her community, demonstrating a strong passion for supporting various fundraising events and partnering with notable organizations. Among these partnerships and donations are Viola's House, Union Gospel Mission Dallas, Modest Muse, Dress for Success, Where Are You Outreach, and The Promise of Tomorrow, to name a few.

Since its inception, Yemi's overarching goal through GLAMORE has been to empower her clients to embrace their personal style, boost their confidence, and equip them with the tools to exude regal elegance as true Style Queens.