“A person who creates or promotes stylish fashion; a person who dresses stylishly; and moreover, a person who closely follows the changing styles and trends of fashion.” 

YEMI SOLOMON is that person. She has blazed a path for herself in a highly competitive and diverse field through her works in the Fashion industry, as a Fashion Stylist and Expert on Fashion and Beauty.

Grounding this expertise as a Certified Image Consultant, Boutique Owner, Global Internet Radio Host, Fashion/Image Stylist for hundreds of clients through her company, GLAMORE BOUTIQUE.

After graduating high school,  she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications and Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia. She also attended IAP College in Chelsea, Michigan; where she received a Certification as a Licensed Image Consultant (she excelled in her studies and was ranked top percentile in her graduating class with A+ Honors).

Her instinctive talent for style and fashion by creating exceptional looks; and the consistency with which she coordinated her daily ensembles caused others to take notice and to inquire about what she was wearing.

The questions about style and her own flair for style were the impetus for the birth of “GLAMORE”; an online Fashion entity that includes Designer Fashions and Jewelry items and accessories; that are unique and not sold anywhere else.

Because of the growth in interest, she also started doing Private Styling Consultations, Style Workshops/Seminars, Event Styling, and sharing information on all things “GLAM” for the masses.

GLAMORE BOUTIQUE was born in Virginia in 2009 with a successful year-long tenure; was relocated to Texas (Dallas) in 2010.

Since its initiation to the Texas market, Yemi has expanded her Boutique offerings to include Apparel, Accessories, and Jewelry Statement pieces that are fit for the (Runway and Dramatic High Fashion Events). 

Each piece or ensemble has its own story to tell in any setting, be it - Elegant, Classic/Sophisticated or Casual.

GLAMORE maintains that all style offerings are up-to-date, trendy and unforgettable when worn by the buyer.

To expand the reach of GLAMORE, Yemi has presented her Fashion Collections at notable Fashion Shows in the Dallas Market and connected with several notable organizations for Business Professionals.

In 2018, she was presented the “Business of the Month“ Award from the Epsilon Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated. She has expanded on her service calendar by being an active member of the International Association of Business Professionals, and (FGI) Fashion Group International while proudly maintaining her status as the spouse of a USA Military Veteran.

Since day one, and even today, the goal of Yemi Solomon via “GLAMORE” is to arm her clients with not only the power of their own personal style, but to enhance their confidence and to give them all the tools to walk proudly as a STYLE WARRIOR!